PeopleSafety and Health

This opening line in the Code section on Health, Safety, Security and the Environment reflects our recognition that Hi-Crush Inc.’s most important assets are our people. Ensuring their health and safety is a core element of our culture and our number one priority. We work diligently to make every place of work safe every day by adhering to safety guidelines and by detecting and correcting unsafe working conditions wherever and whenever they exist. No employee will be made to work at a job that he or she knows is unsafe. We will follow existing, and introduce additional, key safety initiatives to ensure a safe work environment. Our employees are directed to be risk aware, follow safe work practices, and report any and all unsafe conditions and practices, and incidents to their site supervisor or their line manager. They are also provided the training and the tools to be safety hazard aware.

Components of the Hi-Crush Inc. Safety and Health Program

Our mines and plants are regulated by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) whereas our logistics and equipment divisions are regulated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Hi-Crush Inc. is committed to full compliance with all regulations of the agency of record for our businesses.

Hi-Crush Inc. continues to establish its position as a health and safety leader in the industry. Our key safety initiatives focus on leading indicators and reflect our commitment to the following:

  • Managing all aspects of this safety policy as an integral part of business;
  • Holding leadership accountable for the safety of our people. We expect our leaders to provide effective safety leadership while recognizing that good safety behavior is the responsibility of all who work for us;
  • Identifying hazards, undertaking risk assessments and developing appropriate standards during all phases of exploration, mining operations and related supply activities;
  • Developing internal safety standards and guidelines to mitigate the risks and hazards associated with our entire value chain;
  • Allocating appropriate resources and providing training, education, awareness and, consultation to ensure compliance;
  • Setting appropriate objectives and monitoring progress against them to ensure continual improvement towards our goals;
  • Providing independent audit and assurance and conducting regular management reviews;
  • Regularly monitoring, auditing and reviewing safety performance and compliance to ensure continual improvement;
  • Implementing a strong root cause analysis method and program for reporting incidents and near miss or near hits; and
  • Requiring new employees complete 24 hours of safety training prior to working in our mines or plants and all employees undergo a minimum of 8 hours of additional safety training each year.

Behavior Based Safety Philosophy

In 2018, Hi-Crush Inc. instituted its Behavior Based Safety (“BBS”) philosophy, reflecting the strong commitment by management to maintain and improve safe behavior both while on the job and away from work. In 2019, Hi-Crush Inc. will continue to implement BBS throughout our company by creating opportunities for engagement, feedback and engraining a stronger safety culture among employees. This enables employees to consistently learn and grow while developing personal accountability for their, and their co-workers’, safety.

Silicosis Prevention Program

Hi-Crush Inc. is dedicated to preventing silicosis, a known, but preventable, occupational disease. We have demonstrated this by implementing the silicosis prevention program at all of our operational sites.

Hi-Crush Inc.’s Silicosis Prevention Program contains the following elements of control and implementation

  • Management Commitment to Implementation
  • Medical Surveillance
  • Dust Exposure Assessment
  • Dust Control
  • Employee Involvement
  • Smoking Cessation Program / Smoke-free Workplace Policy

Hi-Crush Inc. is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace and to promoting the health and wellbeing of its employees. We have expanded our commitment to tobacco cessation and our tobacco cessation program includes the following components:

  • Coaching – to sustain motivation and prevent relapse;
  • Medication – Two 90-day supplies of tobacco cessation over the counter and prescription drugs at no cost; and
  • Incentives – To reward employees for their commitment to health, Hi-Crush pays one hundred percent of employees’ own insurance premiums if they test tobacco-free.

In 2019, Hi-Crush Inc.’s health and safety objectives include launching the Learning Management System safety training platform, implementing the “Leadership in Safety Training for Supervisors” and “Safety Starts with You” programs and completing the full integration of our online Health and Safety Management System.