2018 Annual Letter from the CEO

To My Fellow Unitholders:

As I look back on 2018, I want to thank you for your continued support, and placing your trust in our company, our strategy, our people, and our management team. During the past year, Hi-Crush achieved several important milestones. We sold 10.4 million tons of frac sand, the most in our company’s history. We significantly increased volumes sold to E&Ps, reaching nearly 40 percent of total sales volumes for the year, up from effectively zero at the end of 2016. We expanded the scope and reach of our PropStream® service, including the number of crews deployed and our total addressable market, with the acquisition of FB Industries and deployment of silo solutions. In short, we executed on our strategy and built a stronger, more competitive company.

That is not to say that we met or exceeded every goal we set for ourselves. As we are all aware, this past year also included rapid, and many times unforeseen, change in energy markets. While these dynamics affected the scope of our successes, we didn’t allow them to change our focus on positioning our business for the long-term, and taking proactive steps to anticipate and address the future needs of our customers.

We have a long history of being proactive at Hi-Crush. In 2013, customer demand began to shift from minegate to in-basin sales. In response, we completed our acquisition of D&I Silica, gaining access to our network of rail terminals in the Northeast, which allowed us to meet growing demand for in-basin delivery of frac sand. We have since expanded this network to include owned and operated terminals in the DJ and Permian basins that form a critical piece of our differentiated service offering. Through the industry downturn in 2015 and 2016, we invested in expanding production capacity to meet projected increases in demand, opening our Blair facility in March 2016 and ensuring our ability to meet the rapidly increasing customer demand that followed. Later that year, we also inaugurated our PropStream service, deploying our first container crew in the field and extending our operational capabilities to wellsite delivery and management of frac sand. We were the first to open an in-basin frac sand facility in the Permian basin in July 2017, providing critical first-mover advantages to Hi-Crush in a rapidly growing market for an extended period of time. Finally, as our E&P customer base has expanded, we made the strategic acquisition of FB Industries, positioning Hi-Crush as the only company offering both silo and container last mile solutions to serve the increasingly dynamic needs of operator customers.

Driving all of these decisions has been our willingness to constantly challenge ourselves – to look over the horizon and take into account the future implications that action (or inaction) today could have on our success tomorrow. The macro environment and factors driving our business will inevitably be cyclical. During each period, and particularly the downtimes, we are only able to manage our business with the assets we have and the skills we have developed. For this reason it is imperative that we continually assess our position, revisit internal assumptions about our business, and take a long-term view, investing when others might hesitate, changing tack when conventional wisdom may tell us to stay the course.

We are keenly aware that achieving our goals and looking beyond the present means more than day-to-day operational excellence. Over the years, in addition to the shifts in our business mentioned above, we have also taken steps to align our capital structure with the long-term goals of the business. In all instances, we have pursued the path that would best fund our priorities, while maintaining financial flexibility and protecting our balance sheet. Over the years, this has taken different forms – issuing equity when appropriate, financing acquisitions utilizing a term loan, expanding and contracting a revolving line of credit, and most recently, transforming our revolver to an asset-backed facility and issuing the frac sand industry’s first high yield notes in August 2018. As we exit 2018, we have nearly $115 million of cash on hand, no near-term maturities, and a highly flexible capital position with no financial maintenance covenants. This is an enviable position in today’s evolving environment, and it is the direct result of the actions we’ve taken over the past few years. We have managed our financing structures as our operations have evolved, and as our MLP structure allowed. Financial strength has always been key to our strategy and will remain so as we forge ahead.

The strong position Hi-Crush is in today is a direct result of the operational and financial track record we have established. In an environment where being solely a commodity producer of frac sand is the business model of the past, we are continuing to focus on the future – the logistics of frac sand and value added services. We continue to invest in expanded last mile and wellsite management solutions for our customers. We are exploring new ways of utilizing our terminal assets to forward stage frac sand in the Permian and reduce sand supply chain bottlenecks, while actively engaging partners to improve trucking performance. At the same time, we have prudently developed additional in-basin and Northern White production capacity, only where supported by contract activity with our E&P customers. We are committed to providing our customers with an integrated, mine-to-wellsite offering, and all of these projects serve to support that goal, and Hi-Crush’s business.

Our focus on the future is why we took another important forward-looking step in acquiring our sponsor – a move that simplified our structure and marked a critical step in the process of conversion to a C-Corporation. I acknowledge and understand the concerns many of you have expressed to us over the past several months regarding this process. At the same time, I would like to reiterate what I’ve said above – we are taking these steps to prepare our business for the future, to remain competitive and thrive in a changing industry. While the MLP structure was a great vehicle for the formation and initial growth of our company, it no longer fits our strategy, the industry, and our long-term goals. To continue generating value for our unitholders (and in the future, shareholders), we must take these actions now. Our path forward as a company weighted more toward logistics is enhanced through structural conversion, and I hope that each of you will take the opportunity to vote in favor of the conversion when the proxy vote takes place in April.

Our plan, and our value proposition to you, is this: Hi-Crush will continue to look beyond current conditions, as we always have, to invest in projects and logistics capabilities that will not just sustain, but expand our business and profitability. We will continue to prioritize deeper, long-term partnerships with E&P customers as the foundation of our business, and we will do so with a commitment to safety, operational excellence and capital discipline.

Looking at how we are positioned for 2019, and at the opportunities our previous decisions have made available to us, I am excited at what the future has in store for our company. We believe in our strategy, and our ability to make the right decisions at the right time. I look forward to continuing to work together for Hi-Crush’s long-term success.

All the best,

Robert E. Rasmus
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer



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