Easily meet the proppant demands of the largest hydraulic fracturing jobs with the NexStage silo system. Our silo technology ensures maximum wellsite storage while providing industry-leading HSE benefits.

The NexStage system stores large proppant volumes in small-footprint vertical silos. Available in a range of sizes and configurations, each silo is delivered and erected in about two hours with a crane-free transport system.

  • Optimize the pad—Each silo solution is configured to minimize your sand storage footprint while maximizing storage capacity.
  • Improve health and safety—Dust mitigation cuts silica emissions by more than 90% when using our innovative top fill technology and hopper bottom trailers vs. pneumatic equipment; noise reduction and advanced conveyance creates a safer work environment.
  • Customize the wellsite—Multiple silo sizes and configurations, with crane-free lift and transport, maximize flexibility and improve safety.
  • Flexible fill options—Our advanced hopper bottom system can top fill in significantly less time than traditional systems. Make the most of transportation options and availability.

Engineered HSE. Every NexStage silo system is built to benefit health, safety and the environment. Our OSHA PEL‐compliant technology significantly reduces silica dust emission compared to conventional pneumatic delivery technology. Dust management also cuts damaging particulate ingestion by wellsite equipment. NexStage equipment and processes also provide a significant reduction in wellsite noise, exhaust and traffic.