Proppant Supply and Midstream Distribution Management

Purpose-built Northern White and in-basin frac sand production facilities, and strategically located destination terminals, provide high-quality proppant to our E&P customers when and where they need it.

Hi-Crush world-class processing technology and systems ensure clean, uniform and efficient proppant production with minimal environmental impact. We serve customers across all North American shale plays using Class I rail access to connect our production facilities and destination terminals or trucks from our in-basin mines.

Hi-Crush owns and operates four frac sand production facilities in Wisconsin and two in-basin sand production facilities in West Texas. Our frac sand is sold primarily to E&P companies, the asset owners and end users of the product, as well as pressure pumping services companies.

Our Northern White sand production facilities in Wisconsin accommodate unit train logistics, enabling preferred delivery to all major U.S. shale basins. The capability differentiates us from other frac sand producers that may ship using less efficient and timely manifest trains.

Our in-basin Permian Pearl® sand production facilities in West Texas allow proppant to be trucked to the wellsite rather than transported by rail, significantly reducing costs and logistical complexities for E&P and service company customers.

Our sand processing equipment meets or exceeds all industry and regulatory standards, and our compliance program is a top priority among the management team’s responsibilities. Our commitment to safe and environmentally sound sand operations assures best industry practices and procedures are used throughout the operation.

In addition to supplying frac sand, we also provide a variety of transload services including terminal storage and railcar storage and handling. We provide customers with a complete solution through a suite of services from the mine to the transload terminal.

Transload Services. We provide the handling and management of frac sand once it reaches the destination terminal. Through a network of strategically located destination terminals, we are able to service customers on short notice, while reducing logistics costs and minimizing trucking detention fees.

Terminal and Storage Services. We employ a unique transload silo storage system that maintains frac sand quality and is more efficient than conventional methods. Onsite quality control services provide corrective action procedures, pre-sampling of silo bound materials and inventory management. Silo storage is essential for the unloading of unit trains and provides for efficient, high-velocity loading of frac sand into customer trucks.

Railcar Storage and Handling. In addition to providing transload and terminal storage services, we manage customer railcars dedicated to our production facilities and used at our destination terminals. Through an extensive network of Class I and short-line track space at our terminals, we have the capacity to substantially reduce customer demurrage fees.