It’s not only important to minimize any negative impacts, but also we must make positive contributions to local communities. We do this through direct financial contributions, hiring local talent, investing in the education and training of current and prospective employees in local schools and technical colleges, purchasing from local businesses, and supporting important local charities and civic organizations.

  • We reduce the tax burden on local residents by often being one of, if not the largest payer of local property taxes in the communities where our mining operations are located. In 2017, we paid more than $2.27 million in property taxes in Wisconsin alone—48% of it going to local schools and technical colleges with the balance split between county and municipal and township governments.
  • We recruit talent locally whenever possible. We advertise on local media, and HR team members participate in local job fairs. Our mines, terminal operations and last mile services are important generators of income for employees in rural areas of Texas, Wisconsin and other states. Hi-Crush Inc. also provides employees with competitive and generous benefits packages, including paying 100% of health insurance costs.
  • We support local businesses by prioritizing local sourcing of goods and services.
  • Hi-Crush Inc. is a proud partner in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs in public schools. Our STEM program support not only increases student’s skills in these critical areas, but also helps build stronger communities as a result of students applying their skills to solve relevant community issues.
  • Our HR team members visit area schools to provide career counseling services and assist local students in writing resumes and conducting mock interviews.
  • Hi-Crush Inc. participates in the Workforce Advancement Training (WAT) programs of local technical colleges that train our employees in technical areas such as electromechanic maintenance, robotics and computer engineering, as well as providing instruction in project management and leadership.
  • The Hi-Crush Inc. Industrial Electrician Apprenticeship Program provides advancement opportunities to our employees by partnering with our local technical colleges to teach practical and theoretical aspects of an industrial electrician job’s, all tailored to our facilities, equipment and culture.
  • Hi-Crush Inc.’s Leadership Development Program provides quarterly supervisor training for company managers.
  • Hi-Crush Inc. supports a wide variety of local civic organizations and charities in our communities. Since 2013, Hi-Crush Inc. has donated more than $3.0 million to almost 100 different local organizations and charitable causes.

To request a donation for a local community project, organization or event, please contact cr@hicrushinc for an application form. Please note that we ask these be submitted a minimum of 30 days prior to the date the donation is needed. Priority areas for Hi-Crush Inc. support are safety, health and education.